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Vaccine of the forest

Kambô is a South American healing ritual that uses the secretion of the Amazonian tree frog to trigger clarity, light and healing. Known as the ‘vaccine of the forest’, Kambo has traditionally been used by the indigenous tribes to eradicate ‘panema’ (stuck energy) from the body. It is a powerful shamanic tool that has been used for centuries to cleanse & detox and to promote strength and wellbeing.

Bring the body into alignment

Energy healing is a hands-on healing method to bring the body into alignment. This is done primarily through a light touch whilst working with the chakras and the human energy field, using a combination of Hands of Light Healing (Barbara Ann Brennan), Shamanic Energy Healing and guided intuition.

I offer 1-1 sessions in London and distant healing worldwide.

Hi, I'm Jason,

an energy healer, qualified yogi and long-term meditator. I created Sacred Insight to normalise these ancient & effective practices.