Available Treatments

Traditional & Basic 

Traditionally, the points of Kambô are applied to the lower right leg for women and the upper left arm or chest in men. We apply Kambô in whichever way will yield the best results for you, and on a case by case basis. Kambô can also be applied directly to areas of pain and arthritis.


We work with the Chinese Meridian system to target and treat specific ailments or organs of the body which are hard to reach. This is where auricular Kambô (on the ears) can be particularly useful.


Working with the chakras, which are whirlpools of energy centres from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, Kambô can be applied to the back of the spine, targeting the root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat. We don’t go any higher than the throat chakra. 

Layered Treatments

Rather than applying Kambô all at once, we can layer in stages which is advised if you; 

  • are elderly or fragile
  • need more Kambô than you can usually take in one go
  • have a specific health condition which requires more precision
  • are sensitive to the medicine and can only take a few points at a time

Total cost per session – £150.

Price concessions are taken into account for intensive and long-term treatment plans.